Bath Bomb or Bath Melt?

Updated: Mar 24

I've had lots of people giving my foil-wrapped bath melts quizzical looks recently, usually as I'm explaining that no - they're not chocolates - although the multi-coloured foil wrapping is suggestive of that! So what are they and how do they differ from bath bombs? Well, both are dropped in hot bath water - bombs are designed to fizz and move around the water fizzing as they go, dispersing their contents - and often the colour - throughout the bath water. Bath melts are, what I like to call, a bath bomb for adults. They pack less fizziness but have a much higher oil or butter content than bath bombs. My bath melts provide serious, heavy-duty moisturising as they're full of cocoa butter. They still have bicarbonate of soda and citric acid to give a little boost so that the scented oil is moved through the water, but they gently release their contents rather than fizz around the bath. They're perfect for skin that needs extra help keeping moisturised during the cold winter months and also for sun-tanned skin. They're small but pack a powerful moisturising punch!  

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