I live in the beautiful Isle of Man which is in the middle of the Irish Sea - between England and Ireland 

Little Tree Soaps is my little handmade soap and bath bomb business that I started in 2015. (Along with working full time and being a wife, and mum of two children....I know, it's a mad house!)

How did I get into making soap?


Well - quite a few years ago I happened to be leafing through a magazine at the hairdressers when I came across an article about a lady who'd started a hand-made soap business after finding an old soap-recipe book. I was amazed that soap  could be hand-made. I hadn't given it any thought as to how it was made - I just thought it was produced by some strange, complicated  factory process. In fact I am of the generation that was told that soap was the worst thing you could use to wash your face! I was struck with the creative process and the control of what you could put in the soap to make something completely compatible and uniquely beneficial for your skin.


So , did I jump straight into making soap? NO! I went on a massive hunt for information. I read books, watched youtube videos, and took load and loads of notes. Eventually I decided to buy a soapmaking kit - all the ingredients arrive in a box with instructions. My first attempt was a slight disaster as the soap batter volcanoed out of the mould all over the work top! However -  I was hooked!

I have learned a lot since that day and am still learning.

Yes - more research!  I love being able to know exactly what goes into each bar of soap, and choosing additives to meet different skin needs.  I now make small hand-made batches in my home  using my own unique blend of oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals to help leave your skin nourishingly soft. Some Little Tree Soaps are made with milk - my Oaty Goaty soap bars and rose-scented Goat Blush bars use local, creamy Manx goats milk which is amazing for all skin types but especially for dry, sensitive skin, whilst the coconut milk in my Lime & Coconut Milk bars make a lovely bubbly lather.

I make my soap in two ways - cold-process and hot-process. Both start out the same in that the oils are mixed with the lye solution to start the chemical process of changing to soap - this is known as saponification. In cold-process once all the ingredients are mixed together the soap batter is poured into moulds to set. Then they are cut and left somewhere dry to cure - a process that takes around 6-8 weeks. Cold-process usually produces fluid batter which is great for delicate swirling techniques and fancy tops.

With hot process the batter is cooked and is already saponified before it's plopped into moulds. You can use hot process soap as soon as it's cooled and cut - however it also helps to cure this soap - although the curing time is shortened. Hot process has a more earthy, natural look: the tops look like cooled molten lava and are more rugged. 

Why is handmade soap so good for your skin? When soap is made with oils and butters the chemical reaction that turns it into soap releases glycerine - a natural humectant which helps to moisturise your skin. That, plus the different qualities of the oils and the other ingredients provide a bar that cleans AND moisturises. 

Soap can be stored for years in the right conditions.  It needs somewhere dry and cool - like your undies drawer! 


All Little Tree Soaps soaps products have a certified safety assessment (as they are classed as cosmetics) from a specialist independent cosmetic assessor and comply with EU regulations regarding labelling and registering on a database called the portal.

None of my ingredients or products are tested on animals. 

All making, cutting, stamping, packaging and printing is done by my own fair hands.

Hello, I'm Tracey


I just wanted to say how much I love your soap and bath bombs. I am in love with your Blackberry Frost scent. The truffles are amazing. My skin feels so moisturised afterwards

My daughter and I are great fans of little tree bath bombs, not only do they smell amazing but the fizz you get from them is really good.
I have compared them to other well known brands, (lush,bomb,body shop) and we have found them far more superior!! And very reasonably priced . The soaps are fabulous too !
Keep up the good work Little Tree !!!

I'm just SO impressed by the shampoo and conditioner bars. I'm a total convert! I hadn't realised how much my old shampoo bars were making me hate my hair. With yours it's smooth and silky and doesn't tangle even in the Manx wind! Even without the conditioner it was so muc nicer and manageable. Now having added the conditioner bar in too, it feels even more moisturised, and like it will be healthier, without being weighted down or oily or limp. You've made a fantastic product that far surpasses the bars I've used from other soap makers, both the big chain and the smaller home soap makers.

My son has eczema and Tracey recommended using Oaty Goaty soap, as I had been struggling to find a shower or bath product that his skin didn't react to. There's a definite improvement in his skin since he's been using the soap which is brilliant. I can also recommend Bitter Rough - its great on your feet!

Just received my bombs. They are FANTASTIC. The packaging is beautiful the girls will be so pleased with my choice. I love the colour of ribbon too.     Thank you xx.

I just wanted to say how amazing the Oaty Goaty soap was! I've struggled with eczema/dermatitis on my face since before Christmas, tried everything, and since using this soap it's improved massively! I love it! Thank you.d edit me. It's easy.

I'm so in love with these bath bombs. They're the best I've ever used. I want to savour them!

I love the soap I bought from you, it lathers really well and smells lovely. I will be back for more x

I've got to say this box is beautifully done (Orient Gift Box). I gave it to a friend and she was blown away by the scent and stunning packaging.



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